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Swimming Pool leak detection    and repair
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Kiwi Feathering Prop (KiwiProp)
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A marine scuba service for the boating community.
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Kiwi Feathering Prop (KIWPROP)
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Our Services

Photograph by Roger Marshutz click to see more of the OCEAN SERIES

Photograph by Roger Marshutz.
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Photo by The Mariner

Sunday November 16. race start point(Venice Pier)
Photo By: The Mariner

Our services do not require hauling out your boat, we can perform our services in your slip.

Bottom Clean

Boats, Yachts, pontoons, boat lifts, Docks Etc.
Includes: Inspection of all submerged-components integrity: zincs, Prop, struts, shaft, rudder, knot meter and all other moving, metal and hull parts. You get a report of all that is unexpected or not a regular condition which affects the safety and structure of the vessel.

In-Water Hull-Survey

Before purchase , For insurance purposes
Know the condition of those hidden/submerged components of your boat that you can not inspect yourself.
we survey all submerged components and report their condition with recommendations how to keep them or improve their condition to like new.
Survey the bottom of the boat before you decide on purchasing it or for insurance purposes to save the haul out price.

Thru Hulls

Service / Replace / install new


Install / Uninstall


Replace / New installation
We use only: Mil Spec zincs

Why we need them?
How they work?
When do they need replacing?
What Galvanic corrosion is?



From one dropped key to sunken yachts
Show us where you dropped it and we will get it back for you.

Custom Detailing

One Step detailing:
For newer and well maintained boats that show little oxidation
We use one-step fiberglass cleaner-polisher

Two Step detailing:
For oxidized boats that has not been maintained at an optimum level
Step 1: Compounding: to remove the oxidation.
Step 2: Waxing: creating a barrier to keep the elements away

Swimming pool and SPA, leak repair

Leak repair without draining your Pool or SPA
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